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Maldives/ Purely White party

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Internationally acclaimed and part of the Grammy-winning dance music band Dirty Vegas, DJ Paul Harris will be making Maldives dance to his tunes on the 15th day of this December.Harris will be performing at Maldives Velassaru Resort that has been set up on a private coral island and is only a 25 minute speedboat ride from the capital city of Males international airport. It not only offers its guests exquisite views of the sparkling Indian Ocean but also offers them invigorating water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, etc. It also runs a renowned Spa centre in its premises. The resort has several luxury villas, bungalows and restaurants for its visitors to stay and dine.The Purely White party will also feature DJ Vifak, another well known musician on the international electro-dance music scene. Dress code for the party, pretty evident from the name of the party, is white. The party has been organised in collaboration with Crystal Head vodka and The Magnolia creative team. Tourists to Maldives are very excited to attend the party. Expect them to burn the dance floor when the party begins on 15th December, 8 pm (local time) onwards.Author: Icysaura – India

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