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Manipularea presei in Europa

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Modern Europe – united by difference?Europe and especially the European Union came to a part of existance, where countries and provinces seperate each other more and more. You can see this process on so many areas on political things – the probably best example is currently the refugee crisis. But why is there such a seperation, why european societies, countries and eastern and western europe split like they never did before in the past decades?The main root of a seperation and more and more difference in Europe is for sure media. Media doesn only brings information, its manipulating opinions and changing views of the majority of people. But thanks to the internet, people aren dependant on mass media, people could say now. Yes, this is true, but which is getting used on the internet? Search engines. And nothing is more in control of opinions and manipulation than search engines. Google for example promises to bring you content and results, that actually interest you and attract you to read. But if you google about the migrant crisis in Europe, Google will show you articles and newsfeeds of „your“ style, which are similiar to your political opinion. Therefore your opinion will go stronger and stronger into one direction, instead of seeing both sides of the problem. In a nutshell, if you use Google only, you will find yourself being more and more convinced in your opinion and eventually believe in your ideas more radical – no matter if you are for deporting refugees back in their countries or giving every new refugee a permit of residence.The exactly same thing is it in the bigger picture. Think about eastern Europe – many people aren agreeing with the idea to give refugees the permission to stay. But why? Because media tells them to think so, and media is controlled by their government. The best example here is probably Hungary with its president Viktor Orban. But on the other hand, its pretty much the same in Western Europe, for example in Germany. Many people believe that its their duty to accept refugees in their country without any restrictions. Why? Because mass media tells us the same, and articles we find on the internet are also mostly written by controlled media agencies. As you can see – the radicalization of opinions is nothing generated by the masses or the majority of the people, its always something founded and supported by the elite of the society. This elite is made out of the press, politicans and certainly people in the economy, for example CEOs, company owners and huge traders. Even though our opinions are different, due to that manipulation because of media, but we still have to remind us, that Europe was and is always different, which unites us in a way too. Honestly, what would a Europe without diversity be? It would be boring, thats why we should be glad to have a huge range of opinions, views and mindsets.Author: Lukas – Austria

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