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The UK Mourns the Death of a Young Member of ParliamentA number of top politicians as well as millions of ordinary people paid rich tribute to Labour MP Jo Cox, who was killed by a man who was opposed to her political opinions, in her West Yorkshire constituency last week, on Thursday.Ms. Cox’s death is significant as the UK is in the middle of the Brexit referendum and she was one of the most prominent advocates of “Remain” – the campaign for Britain to remain in the European Union. Ms. Cox was only 41 years old and was a first time MP. She is survived by her husband and two young children, aged 3 and 5.All politicians came together in the House of Commons to pay tribute to MP Cox.  Both Leave and Remain suspended their campaign for a day as a mark of respect to her. Many, such as Rachel Reeves, a good friend and colleague of Cox’s, broke down in tears.Ms. Reeves said, “A woman came over to me and said she hadn’t known Jo but that her death had made her want to be a bit more like her. A better person, a better mother, a better daughter, a better wife.” That, it seems, was how Cox made everyone around her feel.The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn said that it was time for all politicians to rise up against hatred. He said, “Jo Cox didn’t just believe in loving her neighbour, but her neighbour’s neighbour. She saw a world of neighbours and believed that everyone counted equally.”  Mr. Corbyn also praised Cox for speaking out for refugees and against Islamophobia. He said, “Her integrity and talent was known to everyone in this house.”Prime Minister David Cameron told MPs the young MP had “lit up the lives of all who knew her and saved the lives of many she never met”.“She was a humanitarian to her core, a passionate and brilliant campaigner whose grit and determination saw her time and time again driving issues up the agenda and making people listen and act,” he added.Cameron quoted a friend of Cox, the Labour MP Alison McGovern, and said “Jo, we mourn your loss, yet know that all you stood for is unbreakable. We promise to stand up, even though we are broken. We promise that we will never be cowed by hate.” Stephen Kinnock, a Labour MP who shared an office with Cox, alluded to the divisive campaign unleashed by the Leave campaign, which MP Cox opposed and said, “I can only imagine Jo’s reaction had she seen the poster unveiled hours before her death. A poster on the streets of Britain that demonised hundreds of desperate refugees including hungry, terrified children fleeing from the terror of Isis and Russian bombs.”  “She would have responded with outrage and a robust rejection of the calculated narrative of cynicism, division and despair that it represents. Jo understood that rhetoric has consequences,” he added.Harriet Harman, a prominent Labour party leader concluded, “So many Labour women in this chamber and who are so deeply mourning her loss were women she helped.” Author: Raghav Hegde – India

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