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Masinile fara sofer de la Google, in desertul Phoenix!

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The Self-Driving Cars from Google Likely to Get a Shot at the Desert in PhoenixPost a number of trials through the Mountain View, Kirkland & Austin, the company has stated they’ll start examining their autonomous cars in the deserted Phoenix, Arizona.The self-driving vehicles from Google have traveled around 1.5M miles during the past 6 years & in different climatic conditions & roads.It is probable that the search engine giant wants to shift their focus towards Arizona mainly since the road laws there are less limiting as compared to California that prohibit usage of completely autonomous driver-free vehicles which lack brake pedals or steering wheel.Google further added that they have started driving 4 SUV’s across this region so as to produce a complete map of lane-markers, streets, curb heights as well as traffic signals.This can help the company’s self-driving vehicles to avoid traffic mishaps in their new testing atmosphere. Even though the cars have been confirmed to be quite safe, one vehicles caused its very 1st mishap during the latter part of Feb.Author: Kapil

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