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Muniba Mazar, faimoasa in Pakistan, vine la ZapperNews!

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In this special world each and every individual is special to someone. What do we mean when we say special. This actually represents the exceptional features of this world which has produces some phenomenal personalities though they had to face a lot of difficulties to achieve the title of being the one and only or the supreme one who was able to achieve that kind of success.Everyone is special just like that I’m special too. I am present here in this world to be a part of something, to accomplish something and the moment will come when my accomplishments will be praised by the world. I Muniba Mazari was a girl full of life with a lot of loved one around me. My father was my first teacher. He was the reason due to which I developed a lot of interest in arts. Arts was my passion and all my life I’ve thought about it. Although I belonged to the Baloch family where women education is not appreciated but because of my father I was able to get admission in to one of the finest art college in Pakistan.College life are always the best years of life. These were my best years of life and I was busy making lots of memories and friends until that day of my life came and ruined everything. In the year 2007 when I was on my way back to my hometown Rahim Yar Khan for the holidays. I thought my destination would be my house located in my hometown but my actual destination for that trip was a hospital. On the way my car fell into the ditch and until now I do not know who was kind enough to take me to the hospital. This accident made me paraplegic for the entire life. When I got to know this I was depressed and felt as if my life has ended. I felt like I am stuck in a cyclone which has blown me away in a place where I am a stranger to everyone.I could have gone into depression and might have ruined my life sitting on a wheel chair but I was brave and my support was strong and I decided to show the world that I’m special, I’m important. I completed my degree and now I am one of the most motivational personality in my beloved country Pakistan.  I am Pakistan’s first wheel chair bound anchor and model for the famous company Toni & Guy. Moreover I am the ponds miracle women too.The major aspect that I consider is that if I had been sitting on a wheel chair in my house being depressed about my disability then people would have started giving sympathy and took me as a duty. But I never wanted sympathy from anyone nor did I want to be someone’s duty I always wanted to be someone’s inspiration. Probably to fulfil my desire to be an inspiration to the world I suffered from this disability. The support of my parent and my people was so strong that my disability wasn’t able to stand still in front of it. In this special world I’m special to those who are suffering from any kind of disability.Author: Muniba Mazar – Pakistan

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