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When you live in a pluralized society you are bound to learn to live tolerably with people. If you live in a rural area this tolerance is a communal lifestyle. In the urban area it is a cosmopolitan tolerance. I will dwell on the latter.Living in a city has its pluses. You are exposed to emerging developments more quickly. You are able to express your intellectual and economic abilities more fluidly. The social networking advantage is completely indispensable.Nevertheless, we often contend with a blend of the two worlds. In what may be considered one of the metropolitan districts of the city of Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, you may well find things reminiscent of your village home.Mostly because the city in many places is still undergoing infrastructural development, you are bound to see either remnants of local dwelling places or consciously-built slums in the midst of this fine modern city.So it is at our beloved Efab Estate at the Mbora District. Just outside its gate you find a small fruit and vegetable market. We smile with gladness at that market! The reason is simple: it’s a stop-over market where you can buy basic foodstuff at affordable rates; and it runs from early morning till late in the evening.What this market, which we are not sure has a name, has going for it is the availability of fresh things. Within the estate, there are of course shops. But those shops only sell tinned food, boxed cereal and other household products.  To get anything fresh, you have to go to this market. Possibly because it is located just opposite the main gate of Efab Estate, we might as well call it the ‘Gate Market’.This is not to say that you cannot buy fresh fruit and vegetables. You can; but the nearest fresh food market is about 3 kilometres away.From yams to potatoes and onions you see what you need. Oranges, bananas, watermelon and pawpaw are plentiful. Peas and tomatoes; pepper and green beans; apples and avocados; you get them all there.For bachelors and spinsters it’s the perfect fresh food place. When you need to cook up some noodles you can get the freshest tomatoes there. Cooking quick meals and moving on with life, is what the unmarried will tell you they cherish about being single. No other way to fix a quick fresh meal than to stop over at the Gate Market, pick some carrots, onions and green beans and head home. At home, all you simply need do is whisk some egg or sardine and throw in the freshly chopped vegetables and in two minutes, your noodles are ready!You probably would have chosen a less palatable option of bread and milk if the Gate Market were not there! Of course that option is not as nutritionally wholesome!So, even if the market may not look befitting of the district or the city, it answers some immediate shopping needs of nearby dwellers. We love the Gate Market!Author: Tubonemi – Nigeria

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