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Shopping is one of the things we do on a regular basis. We buy food and groceries. We buy provisions and clothes. Sometimes we need to change our upholstery and we go to a mega supermarket that has a furniture section. At other times, we may need a new washing machine or need to replace a bad electric pressing iron. Supermarkets, supermarkets! How we need them. From everyday fresh bread to the once in a while change of a T-shirt we need to buy things.When you need to buy things and you have a supermarket close to where you live, you are most likely going to find shopping a little easier.  So it is with “1st B Wat U Are Supermarket” (properly translated ‘First Be What You Are’).In the first place, the name of the supermarket is very interesting. Most supermarkets around have stylish names like ‘Jessi Jen’ and ‘Patez’. So when you see a name like “1st B Wat U Are”, you will definitely wonder whether you are entering a supermarket or a game centre!More interestingly, with a comic side to it is one of the banners placed in front of the supermarket. I found some of the words pretty funny. ‘Shrimps’ was written as ‘shreems’! One would have thought that ‘shreems’ was a brand new edible item that had just come on the scene! ‘Smoked chicken’ was written as ‘smoke chicken’; as though one could inhale the chicken!The next one was hilarious: ‘moodu of flower’! Now, the ‘moodu’ is the mode of measurement usually used in the markets in Abuja and in northern Nigeria for measuring powdered food and grains. So, when the expression says ‘moodu of flower’ you wonder whether the supermarket is also a florist shop. The obvious intention was ‘moodu of flour’. Then it would have not been ridiculous.When you enter the supermarket itself, you are welcomed by smiling, courteous staff. You find everything you need on the shelves, arranged in an orderly manner. Baby food and cereals, milk and tinned meat; biscuits and chocolates; sanitizers and detergents. The perfumes and creams neatly placed in glass displays. The soft drinks and juices well laid in the fridges; frozen chicken and ice cream in the freezers. At another section, you have the movies and the music CDs, then footwear and handbags. Outside, lots and lots of bottled water, canned drinks and dispenser bottled water wait to be either cooled inside or bought as they are in bulk. Within and outside the supermarket, there is no confusion as to names as you shop, except on the banner!Nevertheless, “1st B” as we call the supermarket for short is the best supermarket in the estate where we live! It has almost any basic household thing you may need to buy at good quality. And the prices are fantastic! They are simply affordable. Other shops in the estate have complained that they are losing customers to 1st B, but you wouldn’t blame the customers. Who wouldn’t want quality products at the best price? 1st Be reigns! We love 1st B.Author: Tubonemi – Nigeria

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