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Nintendo lanseaza filme?!

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Nintendo Likely to Get into the Film IndustryDespite the fact that the ‘Super Mario Bros.’ film that came in 1993 wasn’t successful, nevertheless that does not mean that the characters from Nintendo cannot create a fun flick.CEO of the company, Tatsumi Kimishima stated to the Japanese newspaper “Asahi-Shimbun” they’ll produce feature length movies in the upcoming period.Luckily, they aren’t going to the live action way. Rather, it’ll work upon the 3D animated movies & seek collaboration with the movie companies for global distribution.The company is yet to tell which of their authorizations would be turned in films or when their initial release will hit the theaters. All they have confirmed is it will not be coming this year, however it may be out in the next five years.It will be exciting to see whether the foray in the movie industry can assist the company transform its treasures. The company’s first quarter report for 2016 revealed their earnings of around $148M were reduced by 61% from the earlier fiscal year.Nintendo has also stated they will be launching a fresh game-console, the NX during March next year.Author: Kapil

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