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Nou colaborator, Kay din Canada!

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“Why I am Special”All writers see the world differently, even if they come from the same background.  This may sound like quite an overstatement, but its an honest one that really needs to be talked about.  Youve heard about the story in which two artists look at a piece of landscape in front of them, only to create two entirely different paintings because their personal perception was different. Writers are the same: we see things in unique ways and write about them using words and understandings that no one else can have.  This is why I, like everyone else in this craft, am special.My roots are as true as the country as I am from, Canada.  We are a nation that prides ourselves on doing things for others and always speaking our minds about what we feel needs to be shared.  This is my personal philosophy when writing: I write to talk about the things that matter to me, and I write my own opinions and thoughts so that the world can see and understand that stating a point of view does not have to be loud or scary – simply honest.  My goal in writing is to have a reader look at my article, read my opinion and then form their own perspective on the topic – whether its similar to mine or not – because they saw that putting an opinion out there is liberating.For me, writing is as important to me as the air that I breathe.  By that I mean I am a writer through and through.  When the world falls apart around me, I write.  When I am having a great day and want to share it with the world, I write.  When I need something to hold onto during a frustrating day filled with obstacles, I write. I write to share my thoughts in the world, be them in an article about a news event or hidden in the dialogue of a character in a fictional piece.  I am just one of many who is struggling to make sense of their own world by writing about another one.  This is how writers process, and it makes writing as essential as breathing.My background is as warped and unique as that of everyone else in the world, but it is one that I survived and am now using as motivation to get me through those rough times so that my writing can help someone else who is trying to make it through to that light at the end of the tunnel.  As a writer with a unique perspective, I believe that our backgrounds and pasts do not make us who we are, it is more about who we become when the times get easy again after years of hard sailing.I am at my most comfortable when I am writing about issues that strike home with me.  I love writing about animal rights, for example, and about issues such as the importance of sleep, heathy living, and feeling confident in your own skin.Author: Kay – Canada

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