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Nou colaborator, Lukas din Austria!

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Me – as a writer, as a personMy name is Lukas. There is nothing much I know about this name except that its root come from Christians in Italy. Without having any desire to brag, I would personally consider myself as a little bit different from the very beginning of my life. In the positive and in the negative way! I was this kind of kid that used to be different since elementary school. I was this guy that was coming up with ideas while others just tried to follow the lessons (or not). I  like sports but as much as I did sports, I was sitting on a bench in parks, thinking about philosophical and political problems. My lack of interest for clothing, video games, etc. and my rather unnecessarily complex way of talking made me quite unpopular in junior high school. But as the years went by I was able to also dress better and speak in an entertaining way, which increased my popularity significantly as I got older and more mature. I still did stay loyal to my path of a in-depth-thinking and giving myself space for thinking and philosophing and just ventured further as I got more mature on a mental level too.What I like so much about writing is, that you can truly express yourself. When talking to people, you often find yourself bounded in a limited time range, and you cannot say everything you think, as the conversation goes into another direction often. Writing helps to freely express what you think and even though you sit in front of the computer, your mind still gets enriched like you visited a place you have never been there before. Just by typing your minds you can flee all the rules and pressures of society and follow the path of your own mind. Even in my early childhood I used to like to write and read, it simply kicks you into a whole different world instantly, which was and is an amazing thing to me.What else to say about me? I like classical music and I like rock and a little bit of rap too. I got into Rap by an Austrian rapper called Moneyboy, a very creative academic rapper, who fooled the German rap game by totally overagging a criminal party life style and rapped about it in an ironic but entertaining way. Besides that I am very interested in topics like economy, finance and politics, topics, that kept me up for hours and got me a bigger picture of whats going on in the world in these days. People were always wondering why I am so curious about that in school, but now I am able to put my curiousity in articles, something that makes me really happy. I guess thats pretty much everything you need to know about me, Im sure that you will find many other details of my person and my interest in my upcoming articles. I will write about the topics that interest me most, therefore you will find content written passionately and genuine from me only.Author: Lukas – Austria

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