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Nou tip de turism ia amploare in Jamaica!

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Hello and Welcome, Jamaica Urban Legend here with some more news on the island of Jamaica. Now Jamaica, like many Caribbean countries rely on tourism as viable tool for revenue. But now there is a new brand of tourism that is coming out, known as “Spiritual Tourism”. Countries like Nepal, Bali (Indonesia), Tibet, Rio (Brazil), Shikoku Island in Japan, the Haleakala Crater in Maui, and Machu Picchu in Peru in a growing brand of tourism — spiritual tourism — estimated to be the fastest-growing sector in the travel business. Certified life coach and founder of coaching company Elevated Self Patricia “Ricia” Leslie believes there’s no reason Jamaica shouldn’t be among the list and has plans to make sure it gets there.She’s convinced that the island, with its unique cultural charms like reggae and Rastafarianism, its little-known paths and treasures, and its contemporary legends, is perfectly suited to be a spiritual centre. It’s why she and her team — her daughter and Public Relations Manager Maluwa Clarke, Creative Director Nicholas Dehaney, and Duro Owolabi — have organised this weekend’s motivational forum at the Montego Bay Conference Centre, the first in what is expected to become an annual event.The forum, called Elevated Talk, will feature world-renowned inspirational writer, motivational speaker, and author Iyanla Vanzant, Michael Beckwith and Ambassador Audrey Marks and is designed to be spiritually motivating and self-empowering.“Even though there are many struggles that we go through as a people, when one has a spirtual perspective on your day-to-day life it can really enhance how you move through challenges, and we want to help people gain that perspective,” she added.Leslie says she has been impressed with the number of women in high positions in Corporate Jamaica, but noticed that “they all seemed to be doing it on their own, by themselves, and working very long, hard hours”. The situation spoke to Leslie partly because of her Jamaican ancestry, and partly because she had her own story of overcoming hardship, so she approached Iyanla, at whose Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development she had studied.“It started as an acorn but grew into something much, much larger,” said Leslie of Elevated Talk.She explained that the two-day event is open to the public in general, religious or not.“Church can be anywhere, and god can be found in anything,” she said, making a distinction between religion and spirituality.Reiterating the point, she said a strong mindset must have played a crucial role in the survival of those who escaped slavery and the Holocaust.“My ancestry is here. My grandmother is from Whithorne, Westmoreland, and I have a deep reverence for ancestry and ancestors, and I think that Jamaica is a place that we ought to acknowledge and honour because it’s the strongest ones who got through the 400 years of slavery. We’re only here because they were able to withstand that kind of trauma, and it was trauma.Sounds Riveting? Whatever form of tourism you prefer, “Spiritual Tourism” is on the rise.Author: Ricardo – Jamaica

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