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Noua scena politica din Canada

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As the US election gathers speed, Canada has turned its eyes on our own political situation in preparation for how the world is going to change.  This has allowed us to see our politics from a distant point of view that has allowed for us to notice the faults in the system.  These faults are ones that have been noticed before, of course, by those who have become familiar with Canadian politics and its history, but now the younger masses are learning of it and trying to understand how they can help it improve in the future.  The main problem with Canadian politics according to our world, is that its a revolving door.  Back and forth, we go from Liberal to Conservative.  Many feel this needs to change.The young generation is now starting to get involved, stating that the only way to make a better Canada in the future is to change everything from the bottom up.  The young adults are becoming interested more and more about how the NDP or the Green parties could better rule the country.  They are keeping their ears open to the options instead of simply listening to the two parties that are always in charge. Its too early to see just how the government is going to improve from the election this past fall, but make no mistake that the younger generations are watching carefully and with a critical eye.  As the years pass and the those young adults become older, theyll use the information theyve learned to influence their decisions and support when the election time comes again.  This means that all of the political parties need to step up their game if they
e going to keep pace and pass each other in the eyes of the young voters who are itching to improve Canada for the better. More so than ever, young adults are paying attention to what is happening in school.  School aged children are being educated about the system and learning that they can help control what happens to the nation they know and love.  Knowledge is power, and power can mean change.  As the education systems keep promoting the political education system and young adults get out there to vote more and more often (for every type and level of government), those who focus their attention primarily on listening to the young voters are going to have their hands full with ideas and thoughts that are put forward by the generation that is stepping up to the plate to rule the world in the near future.Despite what many seem to not want to believe or acknowledge, Canadians just might be 10 years way from making a huge change that could change the way politics work in this fantastic country, therefore changing Canadas impact in the world as well..  We
e all waiting with bated breath to see how it all plays out and who is going to triumph in the end.Author: Kay – Canada

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