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Noul avion fulger de la DARPA!

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DARPA launches a strange 24 motor droneThe DARPA also known as the defence advanced research Project agency has just unveiled their one fifth scale model of lightning strike air-craft for the very first time.Created by Aurora flight science Department, the subscale lightning strike is operated by 24 fans in order to propel the thief 325 pound scale model & allow vertical takeoff & Landing or VTOL. Not revealed in the video however planned on full-sized model, is the capability of the propellers to rooted in order to provide thrust along with assisting during the takeoff as well as landing.The full sized lightning strike, after it is completed is likely to be capable enough to speed up to 400 kn (around for 60 miles per hour) whilst carrying loads of cargo without the pilot and running completely on electric energy.According to Aurora, they will be spending the next year perfecting the proto-type prior to the launch of full-sized model in the year 2018.Author: Kapil

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