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Noul mod de a rezuma articole de la Google!

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The New Highly for Chrome Lets You Summarize Good Reads within a Couple of SecondsHighly is the latest innovation that allows the users to summarize various articles that you want individuals to read just by highlighting the most critical info.After you install this new chrome extension, you could easily invoke it upon any webpage by pressing ‘!’ onto your keyboard & highlighting the important text.After picking some portions of your text, you could press the circular key once the toolbar pops up for seeing how the summary of your article appears & then share it on various social networks or send a link.The people in your contact list will see the highlighted text as well as the amount of reading time you have saved them.This is ideal if you wish to draw the attention of your readers to the major points if the articles are too lengthy & hopefully, get visitors to go through the shared content more frequently.With Highly, you could also follow others & know what they are marking up inside their personal feed.This new extension will be available for Mozilla, and Safari browsers soon.Author: Kapil

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