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O dieta echilibrata in timpul sarcinii!

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Pregnancy is the gestation period in which the fetus or the offspring develop inside the female womb and the ovum or zygote pass through different stages of development to become a baby. Pregnancy could be multiple in which more than one offspring are formed like twins or triplet etc. pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks and proper care and nourishment is required during the whole period of pregnancy which is good for the health of both mother and unborn baby. Diet is the main factor that plays a significant role in unborn baby’s health so that baby is born with good health and is healthy. You need extra calories to build the bones, tissues and organs of baby because the food that mother eats reaches the fetus through the placenta. Pregnancy test is usually done to confirm the pregnancy. If it is positive then it confirms the pregnancy. Besides this, there are certain symptoms of pregnancy in female like missed periods or menstrual cycle, vomiting, urge to eat food, nausea, urge to urinate increases. There are three trimesters and the proper care is necessary during the three trimesters. What you should eat during pregnancy?There is a misconception about pregnancy that one should eat for two. No, this is totally wrong and this is not the case. Pregnancy is not a disease at all. Although you should take care about diet but you should not opt to eat for two. As there are 3 trimesters of pregnancy, 3 months equals to one trimester. In first trimester +0 caloriesSecond trimester +300 caloriesThird Trimester +500 caloriesif it is multiple pregnancy then you need +300 calories more for every baby.You should consume a diet that has equal amounts of proteins, good carbs, fats and other micronutrients. You need 1gram of proteins per body pound. Proteins are found in meat, fish and poultry etc. consume lean proteins, fish, pulses, beans, eggs to meet your protein requirements. Dairy products should be consumed in proper amounts to meet the calcium requirement of the body. Eat omega 3 rich foods like seeds, nuts and fish oil etc. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Consume fruits when you crave for sweet dish. Cravings are increased during the gestation period. Folic acid rich food should be consumed. Dark chocolate is good for pregnant ladies.Pregnant women should eat 5 small meals a day. Don’t starve yourself because it might be harmful for baby health.You should avoid consuming too much caffeine, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, tobacco, alcohol, sugary drinks and sodas etc. because these might be harmful for your baby health and nourishment. Conclusion:Most of the ladies eat too much during pregnancy without thinking that it is not good for health. Such ladies think that they are pregnant and now they need food for two, so this myths leads them to gain extra weight during and after pregnancy. While there are many ladies who are very health conscious, and they don’t eat according to their requirements because they are afraid of gaining wait. This leads their bodies to starvation in which body start storing fats rather than burning and it also effects the unborn baby’s brain and development because baby don’t get proper nourishment because of lack of food. A proper balanced diet is necessary with a combination of carbs, proteins and fats. You can consult your doctor for your balanced diet chart for pregnancy as well.Author: Muniba Mazar – Pakistan

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