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Obiecte facute manual din Pakistan!

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Please and acquaint yourself with the most retaining fortes of our nation — the spellbinding and charming hand crafted works. The astonishing artisanship is overwhelmingly prestigious as the cultural acknowledgment of rich culture of Pakistan. Pakistan has acquired a rich cultural legacy from its history which is considered to be seven to nine thousands years old which originated from Harappa, Mohen Jo Daro and Indus Valley civilizations which lived in the area of Pakistan thousands of year back.Pakistani handicrafts are particularly well known for its exciting frivolity, magnetic shades, alluring compositions and textures. The making of crafted works is inherited as various regions of Pakistan possess their individual legacy and their techniques are unique in its specific way. The diverse districts with wide assortment of custom and culture, languages, fables, music, dresses and outfits have much to offer to the handicrafts cultural heritage.MatkaMakta or an Earthen pot is a water cooler that also stores water for household use. It is used not only in Pakistan but also in India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Iran.ShawlsShawls made in northern regions of Pakistan and areas of Kashmir are very poplar around the world. The shawls that are well known for their quality and are also costly are Pashmina and Shahtoosh.Peshawari ChapalPeshawari Chapal is made in Peshawar which is the capital of Kyber Paktunkhwa province of Pakistan. It became very famous around the world after Imran Khan cricketer turned politician ordered handmade Peshawari Chapal  for himself. It is made of pure leather while its sole is made from tyre of a truck.RilliRili is a quilt that consists of patch work which is done in rural areas of Blochistan and Sindh. It can be used as bed sheets, carpets or blanket whatever one feels like using it for.Chand ChauthaiPakistan is additionally known worldwide for its hand knotted carpets. Lahore and nearby cities possess large amounts of weavers who make "Chand Chauthai" floor coverings. These carpets have a thickness is 200 bunches for each square meter and are made of wool that can be dyed in any colour using chrome colors.EmbroideryEmbroidery is a standout amongst the most searched out handiworks of Pakistan the world over. Multan, Bahawalpur and encompassing zones are loaded with skilled men and ladies who deliver a standout amongst the most charming cross line. Tilla, Salma Sitary work of Kyber Pakhtunkhawa and Punjab are extremely popular all through the nation. Swat is famous for its Kadhai work while, in D.G.Khan mirror work combined with Kadhai is done on garments.Marble carvingsMarble Carving by and large originate from Balochistan and Kyber Pakhtunkhwa. The utility articles of Balochistan incorporate marble cut in enriching designs, which speak to an uncommon craftsmanship of the zone; the expertise having been gone on from eras to eras over a period in the past which is said to originate in the Paleolithic age.Camel skin lamp and Camel bone craftsThe camel skin light of Multan city is pretty famous. For it the skin of camel is washed, then clean and then molded as desired, after being formed the light is painted with hues and it looks extremely nice.Among the absolute most fascinating and appealing handicrafts work of Pakistan are those made of camel bone. These things may incorporate gems boxes, key chains, chess sheets and enhancement pieces.Among other famous handicrafts are Sindhi Ajrak and Sindhi topi along with Multani pottery in which every bit of ceramics is handmade and hand-painted separately before exposing it to temperatures around 250 degree centigrade. The subsequent item looks extremely delicate and lovely.Author: Muniba Mazar – Pakistan

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