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Pakistan/ Cazul baietilor ce sufera de paralizie doar noaptea!

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The world is full of medical phenomenon; these phenomenons never fail to amuse or astonish the people. It makes us wonder, how vast is this is utterly complex system that we call the human body? The human body and the human anatomy have proved time to time that no matter how advanced medical science is, there will always be something new that completely astonishes even the biggest experts. This time, it has been a case that arose from Pakistan and took over the international news. The story was syndicated widely on social media websites likes Twitter and Facebook and was shared by Pakistanis and people from all around the world. British newspapers The Times and Gizmodo covered this story. Other than that, The Guardian and Daily Mail also covered this story.So, what could this story? This is the story of two young boys who have been given titles such as “The Solar Boys” and “Solar Kids”. These two young boys are brothers, the older being 13 years old and the younger being 9. Both of these boys behave normally during the day and as stated by their parents, are playful and active like most kids their age. But what’s astonishing is what happens as soon as the sun starts going down.The boys are residents of a village situated 15 kilometers away from Quetta. This village is called Mian Kundi. Both the boys go into a paralyzed state as soon as the sun goes down and are unable to move, speak, eat, go to the bathroom or do any other normal human tasks that they are easily able to do during the day. While their condition is not paralysis because it only happens when the sun goes down, the state they are in at night is described to be similar to paralysis.The boys are called Solar Boys because their father believes that the sun is the source of energy for the young boys, and that is why they become inactive once the sun goes down. According to the parents, the boys are back up and active once the first rays of the sun appear at the horizon at 4 am. This is said to be the first case of its kind around the globe. The boys are currently under treatment and their tests are being done. But according to reports, doctors might have had some success at curing the boys.Being treated at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) hospital, the treatment is reported to be effective as the boys are slowly returning to a normal life. Pakistani news and media company Dunya news reportedly bore the travelling expenditures of the boys and their family as they travelled from Quetta to Lahore, and then to PIMS in Islamabad. Reportedly, the boys were recommended more than 200 medical tests by the doctors to actually go to the root of the problem.More is yet to be reveled regarding the type of treatment the boys are receiving and how they are able to function after the sun has gone down. Author: Adam Fiaz – USA

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