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Pakistan/ Cei mai faimosi designeri vestimentari!

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Fashion is language of mind, body and soul and fashion designing is an art that is applied to design clothing and different accessories like jewelry, fashion accessories etc. Fashion designing marked its beginning in early 19th century. Charles Frederick was the first fashion designer who designed the beautiful clothing at that time, then he started his fashion designing in Paris and he designed different garments.Fashion designing is highly affected by the social and cultural norms, values and ethical borders. There are many fashion designer in the whole world who designs beautiful garments, accessories, jewelry. Pakistan is famous for its designer and different fashion designers of Pakistan are very famous and on top for designing beautiful garments and Pakistan fashion industry is the fastest growing fashion industry in the whole world. Top fashion designers of Pakistan are:Hassan Shahryar Yasin HSY:HSY a big name for Pakistan fashion industry and he started his career in 1994. He belongs to Lahore and he is well known fashion designer all around the globe. People call him the “King of Fashion designing”. His bridal dresses are very famous. He is now working on Hum TV in a show “Tonight with HSY”. Asim Jofa:Asim jofa is another top fashion designer of Pakistan who started his career in 2004. He designs different bridal wear, formal wear, casual wear etc. Asim jofa is famous not only in Pakistan but also in UAE, US, London and Canada.Deepak Perwani:Another big name for Pakistan fashion industry is none other than Deepak Perwani. He is an actor too. He designs famous bridal wear and formal wear etc. he has organized different national and international fashion shows. Fahad Hussayn:Fahad Hussayn is another top fashion designer of Pakistan. He is a textile graduate and works on modern designs for designing garments. Maria.B:Maria B is famous among the female fashion designers of Pakistan. Her clothing are very charming and elegant and are famous. Her bridal dresses are famous across the Pakistan. Bunto Kazmi:Bunto Kazmi is famous for designing the Mughal style dresses because she seems to inspire from Mughal culture. Her dresses are very unique and charming.Zara Shahjahan:Another big name for Pakistan fashion industry is none other than Zara Shahjahan. She is very famous for her best bridal dresses, casual and formal dresses. Being a female she earned a big name in industry. Nomi Ansari: He started his career in 2001 and he very famous for designing the Eastern dresses with unique modern touch and reflection of new trend. Umar Sayeed:He has designed the famous bridal dresses that are very glamorous, unique and famous all around the globe. Sana Safinaz:Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer the two charming ladies who are very famous in the fashion industry because of their unique bridal dresses. Their lawn prints are very famous among the females and female love to wear Sana Safinaz lawn in summer. Their cool prints are very appealing.These designers of Pakistan are the top most designers of Pakistan and they are famous for their col designs, unique prints and glamorous and elegant dresses. Author: Muniba Mazar – Pakistan

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