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Pakistan/ Cele mai ieftine masini!

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In old times people used to travel from one place to another by foot to nearby places. For travelling to faraway places people find ways like camels, donkeys and horses etc. to travel. Mode of transportation changed with the time and people started thinking to find easiest ways of transportation from one place to another. And they thought to find new innovative ways which can ease the transportation and decrease the time require to travel. Advances in technology and evolution made these possible and vehicles were invented which made the transportation easier. Innovation in transportation is continued today even and advancements are made day by day to reduce the cost and to increase the transport efficiency.There was a time when cars were out of reach of common man affordability due to high prices and these were very expensive. But with the evolution in cars models and advancements made the prices of cars became low and those cars which only Elite class could afford are now available at affordable and cheap rates. And now people can easily afford these cars. Now a days everyone is looking for a car at a cheaper rate for their comfortable ride.Today I’ll enlist the different cheapest cars in Pakistan which are not so expensive and are in reach of common man.Toyota Fielder was first launched in 1996 by a Japanese company. It is very popular because of its unique design and a comfortable ride. Toyota corolla 2012 is the most selling car in Pakistan because of its cheapest rate and a unique design. It has a very strong engine and it provides you the comfortable ride.Toyota Vitz is another cheapest car available in Pakistan. It has an amazing design and a comfortable interior. It provides you the comfortable ride for you and your family.The Suzuki Liana is a luxury vehicle in Pakistan. It is of great worth among its users. All Purpose Vehicle is another vehicle which is for people who wish to buy a car at an affordable rate. It is very famous because of its spacious interior which can accommodate a lot of passengers. It can carry large loads and it has a huge space to accommodate the luggage as well.Suzuki Mehran is for people who wish to buy a car at affordable rate and price and who drive regularly and who are indulged into daily driving.Suzuki Alto is the most stylish and amazing car. It has a powerful engine that make it unique among other models and it is available at a cheaper rate. It has also a spacious interior and a comfortable cabin which provides you the comfortable ride. Cultus is another cheapest car available in Pakistan which is affordable and at a cheaper rate. Suzuki swift another name for cheapest car. It has an amazing interior as well as hard exterior. It provides you the comfortable ride. Though these cars are cheap, but still you have to check its quality, material, and features before you are going to buy one.Author: Muniba Mazar – Pakistan

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