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Pakistan/ Cele mai ieftine telefoane Android!

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In old times people use to communicate through people or there was a concept to deliver messages through pigeons etc. with the evolution communication modes were made better and better. Telephone was invented that made the communication easier for people living far away from each other. Then there came a time when a wireless device was invented and was called as the Mobile Phone, it was the easiest mode of communication because it was portable, easy to use and many people started using mobile phones to communicate with each other. Advancements were made further in the mobile phones as well and first mobile phone was Motorola and the credit goes to the inventor of first mobile phone of the world goes to Martin Cooper who changed the world by giving people an easiest mode of communication with each other. Then Nokia, Samsung, Haier and many other companies started making mobile phones. There came a time when simple mobile phone hand set changed to android phones. Android usually an Operating System developed by Google and it is used for touch screen devices like mobile phones and tablets etc.There are now different mobile phone companies who make phones in huge variety, designs and with amazing and striking features. Android phones are with a striking and amazing features.Android phones are different from Apple branded smartphones because these are Google developed operating system and these are always preferred due to its operating system and unique amazing features.There are different companies that are in competition with each other in making android phones and all are best one. Every company has made different smart android phones and there is a strong competition in their market value. The big names regarding android phones are Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG etc. there are several others like ACER, ZTE, Huawei, and Nexus is on the top hit list. The variation in these is due to their processors, RAM, software features, unique designs and stylish features that make it difficult to choose. Prices of android phones are very high and these were out of the range of common man few years ago but now there are cheap android phones also available whose prices are not so high and are affordable. There are different android phones available in Pakistan. These phones are in huge variety and designs with different features. These android phones have touch screen, good processors and RAM along with other applications.Samsung phones are having high market value because few models of this brand are very cheap and are not so expensive. The amazing features of this brand make it unique among other brands. Besides this, HTC, Huawei and Sony are also on the hit list of many who wish to buy android phones for their use. Nokia, Voice, G5 and Qmobile are also among the list of android brands. Lenovo series is also getting a strong market value because of the striking features and applications. Which so ever brand it is, one has to keep in mind his budget and his choice regarding android phones before he go to buy a phone.Author: Muniba Mazar – Pakistan

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