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Pakistan/ Industria muzicala?!

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Music in Pakistan is everywhere. From 24-hours music channels on TV and radio to musical jingles in advertisements, music is omnipresent in Pakistan. However, no listener is actually paying to listen to any of this music. As a result, the financial condition of the Pakistani music industry is currently in  shambles, despite having an enormous wealth of talented musicians. Songs and albums can be easily streamed online in a legal manner and can also be downloaded illegally through sites hosting pirated material. This easy availability of free music has virtually decimated the music industry in the country and has made it very difficult to establish the careers of upcoming talents.Many musicians however, are now looking for alternate ways to make money. Some like Ali Gul Pir have jumped on to the YouTube bandwagon, where the uploader is paid with respect to the hits registered by him/her. Pirs last single garnered around 4.5 million hits. Some have taken to Hollywood-style marketing, releasing T-shirts and ringtones related to their new songs. Others, instead of going the records company way have released their songs independently, effectively controlling all income generated by their songs. Even as various such measures have been adopted by the musicians, rampant piracy is what that is hurting the countrys music industry. If the government takes effective steps like banning the various piracy content websites, the economic state of the industry may improve. For now, the situation looks bleak.Reporther: Ayushlunia

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