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Pakistan/ Mor Mahal, o productie de milioane!

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Fortunately, Pakistani TV shows have always been better than their Indian counterparts and that is a well known fact, even with the Indian audience, who widely prefer Pakistani television serials over Indian TV serials. From an unbiased point of view, Indian TV shows are still trying to make money on the same type of entertainment that went out of style years and years ago. On the other hand, Pakistani television has evolved over the years. While it was never melodramatic and over exaggerated, the shows have always been fitting to the social situation of Pakistan; they are a depiction of the Pakistani society in general.Pakistani television entertainment network Geo Entertainment and PTV Home are set to premier a high-budget historical fiction/ fantasy series titled “Mor Mahal”. Set be premiered on 28th April, 2016, projects of this genre are extremely rare in Pakistan and those that are being aired, are not competent enough and produced/ directed poorly. Feats like this are extremely rare in Pakistan due to lack of budget in most cases, or lack of truly seasoned actors who can pull off a historical role.Even though it has yet to be premiered, the show has already received rave reviews after the artwork and a teaser trailer for the show were released earlier in March. The show features Pakistani underground rock vocalist and heartthrob Umair Jaswal in a lead role. Jaswal plays the role of Nawab Asif Jehan, alongside Meesha Shafi playing the role of Farrukh Zaad. This is also Meesha Shafi’s television debut. Other cast members include Hina Khawaja Bayat as Begum Sarwat Jehan, Fiza Ali as Surayya Jehan, Zahid Ahmed as Kabeer, Sania Saeed as Akhtari the Spell Caster, Jana Malik as Shaista (Kaneez-e-Khaas), Shah Fahad as Nawab Shujaat Jehan, Sonia Nazir as Mehar Bano, Kinza Hashmi as Banki, Umer Naru as Shehzada Taimoor, Xille Huma as Kundni and Ali Saleem as Shola Jaan. Others include Suhaee Abro and Mehar Bano.Reportedly, Pakistan will be seeing a historical fiction TV production after the total of 25 years because experimental genres of productions don’t do really well. People look for a quick fix and instant gratification after a hard day of work and that is why series on more basic topics do much well in Pakistan, series that satiate the viewer’s need for entertainment, without forcing the brain to think too hard. But if the hype is right, Mor Mahal will do exceptionally well and create a standard in Pakistani television that will be hard to top.The plot of show is based 200 years back in the era of Mughal emperors. With Mor Mahal being the second most expensive TV production Pakistan has ever seen, director Sarmad Sultan Khoosat describes it to be a “Halal” (acceptable from an Islamic point of view) erotica series. Written by Sarmad Sehbai, the show was produced by Babar Javed and created by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat.What has Mor Mahal got in stores for its audience? Only time will tell. For now, it all seems very promising. Author: Adam Fiaz – USA

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