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Pakistan/ Noi detalii socante in scandalul de pedofilie

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For what happens to be an unearthed “scandal,” I’d like refer to it as a tragedy. Pakistan has now faced its biggest child sex abuse cases so far and to no surprise, not a lot of measures are being taken against the criminals. They’re calling it the biggest child abuse scandal ever seen by Pakistan but it shouldn’t be called a scandal. It is just like the Peshawar APS massacre. It was a massacre; the children abused were close 300 in number. Ranging from age 12 – 14, some victims were 8 – 10 years old also with one boy being just 6 year old. The victims include boys and girls both and not only were they abused, they were drugged and forced to abuse each other while everything was filmed.The act was conducted by a group of 25 young men lead by two 40 year old men, according to reports. The incident took place in the village of Kasur in Punjab, Pakistan. The men had been raping children and filming then since 2006. With the count of children abused by the group totaling up to 300, the children were filmed and more than 50,000 copies of the videos have been reportedly sold to people in the village and the surrounding areas for 50 rupees each. Parents of the children can identify the men but also state that after reporting to the police, they were threatened by a local political figure to take their complaints back. They state that they have seen the criminals talking to people abroad via Skype and have sold these videos to websites and pedophiles in many other countries too.The incident caused a big uproar on social media at a global state since the entire incident was finally brought to surface by struggling parents. After many protests by people, there is finally some work being done on the case. On Monday, a court in Kasur ordered five suspects in the case held without bail. Six others also have been arrested in connection to the case. As of now, seven suspects have been arrested. Now the matter has gotten global attention, there is hope for the parents that they will be provided with justice. The matter has been reported by BBC, CNN and many more global media companies."Our sympathies are with the children who have been victims to this abuse," said Philippe Cori, UNICEF deputy regional director for South Asia."It is vital that the children and families affected are immediately offered the necessary care and protection that will prevent further victimization and allow the difficult process of healing to begin."“The worlds media is here, but the government has still not taken proper action against the atrocities that have occurred over here," a protester told a reporter from global media company CNN.Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister Punjab, has created a judicial committee to investigate the matter. But this act has been highly criticized by the public as it has never been really effective. More to come and we will keep you updated. The children and their parents will be given to justice sooner or later. Author: Adam Fiaz – USA

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