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Pakistan’s fashion industry is not what it used to be five years ago. Pakistani fashion, along with Pakistani media, cinema and music industry has taken a shot into glory and taken in over the in a cyclopean tornado. With new designers bringing about feats of extraordinaire at every fashion show, Pakistani fashion has reached new levels. With talented designers getting more recognition and with new, dynamic fashion institutes, it is a great time in Pakistan to be a fashion designer. New and blunt designer like Maria B. and Nadia Mistry have completely transformed the fashion scene in Pakistan and have boosted the already ingenuous work of prevailing designers like Deepak Parvani and HSY.Pakistan’s annual fashion week, sponsored by Pantene, has provided a luminous and prominent platform for all new and old Pakistani fashion designers to outshine their work and represent Pakistan in the international fashion market. As A-class journalists and fashion critics from all around the world gather in this event to ponder upon and judge on the basis of innovation and creativity, the creations of Pakistani fashion designers. Some of the designs seen at this event are judged by critics as too raunchy or revealing for Pakistani media but no one will be able to decipher why Pakistani designers, despite of their love for traditional clothes, design clothes that provoke the culture itself.Keeping “profanity” or “blasphemy” to the side, these designers are uber creative nonetheless. The work portrays just the type of diverse and unique talent the people of Pakistan possess. This year’s bridal couture week and Pakistan fashion week have been very successful and were attended by fashion critics and journalists from all around the world. With preliminaries and after parties being help in Karachi and Dubai, this year’s fashion market has been a huge success for Pakistan, grossing out with bridal couture, chic and rakish summer dresses, evening gowns and fall designs. There were many prominent collections by designers like Waseem Asghar, Mifra, Sana Sfinaz, Hajra Hayat and Hijab.With new designers always on the scene, it seems that Pakistan will be claiming its name as one of the most prominent countries in the fashion industry and the fashion scene. Fashion has also given rise to some very prominent and talented models that now work on international levels. Famous models like Ayyan and Nadia Hussain now represent Pakistan wherever they go for their extensive modeling and acting roles.With ambition and talent, Pakistani artists are rising and it is finally the era when in Desi communities talent in actually recognized instead of just letting it go to profligacy and labeling it as just a phase. Talent is finally being given the position that it deserves, instead of parents forcing their children to study engineering or medical sciences, they are actually helping them and motivating them along the path of art, music and fashion. Many new faces in music and fashion have materialized from Pakistan and since the last few years and things are perpetuating even further. Author: Adam Fiaz – USA

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