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Just last week, I had the pleasure to actually visit a Pakistani spice shop in a spice market. Being an American born Pakistani, I have now been in Pakistan for quite some time now, ashamed to say that I have actually never been to a Pakistani spice market to buy spices for my own food.Here is how it happened, I am not a much about food and utilize with whatever is on hand. Recently, colleagues and friends had been telling me that I look pale so I paid a visit to my doctor. It turned out that I was low on various nutrients, primarily iron and vitamins. For the first time, I decided to go out and actually buy healthy food that would supplement to my nutritional needs. In other words, it was time to start eating healthy and fulfilling home cooked food.As I went to the produce market, the aromas from the spice market on the next street just lured me in. I saw the busiest shop and went in, only to have so many aromatic and exotic strong aromas blasted up my nose. I saw shelves of spice jars stacked all the way up to the roof. Some herbs, some spices, some lentils and some exotic pulsed spice mix, I saw so much that I had never seen before.I finally ended up buying green tea leaves because I am a “Yay Tea” type of person and bought whole masalas to go home, sun dry them and make Garam Masala powder of my own. Now, every food tastes more delicious and smells like heaven with fragrances wafting through my apartment. Author: Adam Fiaz – USA

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