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Problema turismului in Pakistan

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Tourism has always been the fastest growing industry and for a developing country like Pakistan, tourism could be a huge source of income and earnings as our country possesses top-class tourist attraction points ranging from the stunning Himalayan peaks, beautiful lakes, green valleys, rich culture, centuries-old civilizations, huge deserts, golden beaches of Makran to all the other natural and man-made attractive areas. These look appealing to tourists and they love to visit such beautiful places.But unfortunately Pakistan’s tourism potential has largely been unexploited and no serious attention has been paid by higher authorities to make it a major fuel of economic growth for the country.Tourism was always remain un-noticed and no attention has been paid to this side. Many factors are involved like the law and order situation in the country has destroyed tourism greatly, but what actually is the main problem of unnecessary restrictions on the travelling of foreign tourists to different tourist points and spots. Now a days, policies are strict and foreign tourists need an NOC for travelling to different tourist points in Pakistan and it is almost impossible to get this NOC properly on time due to huge and tiring procedure of getting this NOC, so they prefer not to visit these places because they are tired of these lengthy procedures.Although security of foreign tourists is a major concern of the government, and when they are issued with the visas to travel then there should not be extra hardships for them regarding their visits, because they have already paid a huge amount for tourism and to travel these places. It is our duty to facilitate them and guide them. Their security is our responsibility and we should provide them security so that tourists can enjoy their travel and stay in Pakistan. This has also another great advantage because when these foreigners will go back to their countries and they will appreciate our services for them. This thing will create positive impact and image of Pakistan in foreign countries. But we have destroyed our tourism by not paying attention to local or domestic tourists. Many people of Pakistan are interested to know more about their homeland, to explore new spots for them but lack in infrastructure and high cost of traveling has discouraged them to go for traveling and explore the beautiful areas of their homeland.We should take some measures to develop our tourism sector. The government should give tourism priority and use it for the economic development of Pakistan. Because we can increase our economy through tourism. Another main problem of terrorism which has affected the tourism and created bad image of Pakistan in world can also be lessened if we improve our tourism sector. By developing tourism industry, other businesses such as hotels, restaurants, transport, handicrafts, shopping, local tourist spots and local entrepreneurs can also be developed and this will increase the chances of jobs for unemployed people. In this we can increase the employment rate.IF we carry out these steps and measures to develop our tourism sector then we can not only increase chances of income for unemployed people but can also increase our economy. And the tourists who are afraid to visit Pakistan because of terrorists attacks will now visit these places without any fear.Author: Nadia Sarwar – Pakistan

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