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Regulile Jocului Pokemon Go!

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Pokemon Go Game RulesAs the game is spreading from country to country like a virus, one thing becomes clearer and clearer with each passing moment. Pokemon Go is insanely popular. This summer is officially the Pokemon Hunting Summer. This game has become so popular that it literally makes people go crazy. At this rate you’re either the one running from yard to yard, from lawn to lawn either you’re the one that’s yelling at the pokemon hunters to get off your private property. Either way one thing’s for sure, at least once during this summer you’ve encountered one of them.Thanks to its massive popularity boost everybody wants to at least learn how the heck you actually play the game yourself. Even if you don’t plan to play it, if you ever find yourself speaking with a person you like and that person has an interest for Pokemon Go it won’t hurt to know a thing or two about the rules wouldn’t it?Well let’s start off with the basics. Pokemon Go uses your GPS to track your movement, the more you move with your phone, the more your in game character will be moving around. Thanks to its GPS utilization it will automatically spawn pokemons around you and it will notify you when you’re close to one. Then once you’re close enough you will go into the camera and you will swing your pokeball at the pokemon hoping to catch it. Seems easy enough right? The special thing about it is that the pokemon will not just spawn next to you. Because it utilizes your GPS you will be literally finding the pokemon scattered across the real world. This is why you can constantly see hordes of pokemon catchers walking in sync.Alas, although this special feature is cool and all, it has made children wander off into the most inappropriate places. Some went into museums, hospitals, other people’s houses and even into graveyards. This is a serious problem now, they have started harassing people in the hospitals, and some even got themselves killed by jumping in front of cars in order to catch pokemons.Now you know a little more about the game, but before you decide whether you want to play it or not remember this: Remember that that is a game, and this is real life. Don’t mash these two together.Author: Radu Ivanovici

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