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Rukkus, un nou mod de a cumpara bilete online!

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The Seat 360 from Rukku allows the users to preview their seat in the VR before purchasing the ticket of any eventWhen you’re running in order to get vouchersfor highly expected occasions such as the concert of Adele or Beyoncé, the place where you’re sitting could be secondary for having the tickets in hands. However occasionally, that results in being far away from the closest toilet exits, or getting trapped with the seats which are behind the column.An event ticket sales application, Rukkus, has now revealed a Seat360 attribute which adds a panoramic 360-degree view choice, in order to choose an accessible ticket & see how the views from your seat can be.Now, the firm has collaborated with arenas hosting NBA, NHL, MLB & NFL, games in addition to concert set ups at these places. The point would be to allow you to check out your viewpoints so that youve got realistic expectations of what you’re purchasing prior to making the purchase.In case you would like it to feel more immersive the program also functions with VR headsets such as the Google Cardboard.This program is now accessible on Android and iOS; however, the Android upgrade may arrive in the next few days.Author: Kapil

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