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Sfaturi de viata de la Arnold Schwarzenegger!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger: His motivational speeches and rules for successIf you know Schwarzenegger, you know obviously that he’s a very successful man, who doesn’t even need to work for one other day in his life anymore. Still, he is actively in many areas of public life, for example bodybuilding (his specialty of course). Through the years, Schwarzenegger started finding rules for success and wrote them down. Nowadays, thousands of young bodybuilder-amateurs and people who simply try to be successful get inspired by his motivational speeches. But what are actually these rules or attitudes, you need to know according to Arnold?First of all, you have to work hard. As simple as it sounds, it’s still not simple to execute this on a daily basis, that’s why it’s important to remind yourself on that. There are going to be days, where you are not in the mood for hitting the gym, staying in the office for long hours or study well. But if you still do what needs to get done on these days, it will eventually pay off without a doubt, Schwarzenegger claims.Secondly, you clearly have to give something back. This can be money, publicity or anything else. Giving back doesn’t mean that you have to donate your whole income but it can mean that you should simply support where you came from, once you succeeded. Schwarzenegger lived this rule by supporting many young athletes, making the sport more famous and of course bringing in lots of positivity and inspiration on athletes. At the very same time, he says, do what you actually love. Know, why you do something and than try as hard as possible. Arnie smiled at every repetition as it brought him closer to success, he tells nowadays. A concept, that surely worked for the “Austrian Oak”.Author: Lukas – Austria

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