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SpaceX lanseaza o noua racheta!

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The Next Attempt to Land a Rocket Unlikely to Be Effective According to SpaceXDespite the fact that SpaceX has previously shown their ability to refurbish a rocket, however they think their upcoming shot to land Falcon-9 at the sea might end up in failure.The private space firm of Elon Musk would deliver the Japanese communication satellite into the Geo-Stationary Transfer Orbit well over the surface of the earth.Making the JCSAT 14 reach the orbit region might need greater speeds as well as additional fuel.Thus, the initial stage of this launch that the company wants to attempt to land onto the drone-ship might experience re-entry heating & extreme velocities which can make a proper landing challenging, according to SpaceX.Irrespective of the result of the launch attempt, it is likely that we may still encounter some exceptional clipping of the Falcon-9’s journey.The very first Falcon-9 which SpaceX landed onto the ground in 2015 has been re-licensed so as to fly however will stay on Earth. The next rocket that landed previous month may fly once again in June, states Musk.Author: Kapil

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