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Superstitia canadienilor!

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The Tim Hortons StereotypeCanadians are kind, loving, generous, strong, and brave.  But, they do love their coffee.  One of the most frequent jokes made in expense of Canadians is that they love their Tim Hortons.  Theres no question that coffee loving is true, but what about all of the other cultures in the world?  After all, Spain and Italy are common places where you can find a cup of coffee at all hours, and England has the same obsession with tea.  So, whats so special about the “Tim Hortons Stereotype?”  Well, its because its Canadian!In the beginning, Tim Hortons was owned by Canadians, and the menu and styles reflected the kinds of things that Canadians wanted.  This grew to be the favourite place of those looking for a bite to eat, or a warm drink on a cold winters day, whatever the common man or woman needed to get by.  As the years went on, more and more turned to this chain instead of something international.  After all, Canadians have pride for our their country just like all the others out there. So, more and more, Canadians flocked to Tim Hortons and the stereotype was born.  Since its birth, however, Tim Hortons, or “Timmies”, as it is often called, has stopped being a Canadian chain, and was bought out be an international company.  While there are some things on the menu that did change eventually, it stayed mostly the same, but the sentiment started to drift.After all, not everyone in Canada likes Tim Hortons.  Canadians still go there for a nice cup of coffee and a bite to eat, but it doesn have the small town feel anymore that attracted the crowd in the first place.  The stereotype still exists because Tim Hortons was a Canadian tradition for so long that Candians still go there in order to feel that pride. For some, there is still a lot that goes along with Timmies.  For others, the magic was gone the minute the company was sold.  Most of the younger generation have kept up the tradition, but its definitely clear that the rules are changing.  Maybe in 100 years, no one will have heard about Canadians and their affiliation to Tim Hortons.  Or, maybe itll continue on as much as the maple syrup and caribou and moose rumours have.  Canadians are fiercely proud of their history and what belongs to them, and Timmies used to fit in that circle that is carefully guarded and maintained, generation after generation..  Many feel it should still be, but others feel that there needs to be a new stereotype developed.Being Canadian is more about where you get your coffee, of course, but wed be lying if it didn factor into the equation when you meet up with someone.  For some, this is totally hilarity – be them in the country or out – but, to others, Tim Hortons and its impression on Canada is as serious as a snow storm in June.Author: Kay – Canada

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