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Tabuul national al Pakistanului!

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National TabooPakistan is an Islamic country and its culture has been largely influenced by the neighboring country Pakistan. The influence of the neighboring country has affected a lot of cultural activities of the people. The country has a lot of issues that are considered as taboos and they are not discussed by the elders. Even these topics are avoided to be discussed at the dinner table. This is one reason Pakistan is lacking behind in the social development. The new generation has started to question the taboos which are hurting our society badly. Here in this article, we will be discussing a national taboo that our beloved country faces.The biggest national taboo of our society is that we consider mentally ill people as insane people without knowing the severity of the illness the carry with themselves. This is the reason we as a society never allow them to fully recover from their illness and lead a happy and a healthy life. People who suffer from depression are considered as Pagal or insane and they are discriminated in every walk of life. This is one of the biggest national taboo of our country and recently Pakistan has started off a campaign to support the people who suffer from this kind of illness. These people are not actually mad instead they have a very intelligent and beautiful mind that can be used in a positive way but they need a little support from us. But our elders have never taught us to be positive towards them and support the in every possible way. Instead, we have been taught to stay away from these people.When these people try to seek help from professionals they are labeled as psychotic people. This is one fear that most of them have in their heart thus just to avoid their insult they live a whole life in that agony. We as a society ridicule them and make fun of their activities which ensure that the confidence they have is completely crushed under our toes. These type of people are also considered unfit for jobs thus they cannot ensure a healthy and a happy future in this country.It is high time we as the next faces of the country should ensure that these people are actively involved in developing a happy and a healthy society. As they are also a part of our society and we can never develop a healthy society without their help and support. Our kids need to be taught that these people are just like us and they deserve a similar attitude as a normal person does. In addition to this, we need to ensure that it is the right time to change the mindset of our young ones. So that our future generations do not suffer as currently, people are suffering from this issue.Author: Muniba Mazar – Pakistan

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