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Taxe marite in Canada!

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International Articles 21-Rising Taxes And Related WorriesThe tax rate is soon going to rise in New Brunswick, one of Canadas poorest provinces.  The people living in this small province are just some of the many Canadians across the country that are starting to become concerned about the tax percent.  Canada has always been a country that is known for its easy quality of living: between its friendly people and reputation for quality life in creature comforts, the reputation is starting to tarnish.  The worst thing is, Canadians are starting to tarnish with it.Society is all about being a part of the world that you love, even if you don love it for any particular reason that you can understand.  However, the fact that life is now going to be getting even more expensive means that Canadians are running out of patience.  When tourists come to this wonderful country, they are looking for a time filled with adventure and intrigue, but it is starting to get too expensive to enjoy.With the tax getting higher and the quality of life getting lower, tourists are going to start looking elsewhere for their vacations, meaning that the already low tourism industry is going to fall even farther, causing no end of problems for Canadians who are looking to make a living from it in one way or another. Many small communities make majority of their income on tourism, so finding a way to make things work when there aren any tourists coming to the community in the first place.  It is a sad thing that can quickly become a reality despite ow hard people work to keep the tourists coming their way.  After all, whos going to want to come to Canada when it costs them a pretty penny to even stay in a hotel?  With the tax rising 2% at a time when it does move, life is getting more expensive and much too fast to be adjusted to.There are all sorts of problems in Canada, and tourism is one of them.  Many people are proud to call this glorious country home, but not many are coming to see the sights for themselves.  More and more Canadians are finding better places to live, too, places that are much more financially stable than this great land.  The trick, then, is to build an economy where the tax can go down so that everyone has a better life.This summer, everyone is waiting to see how many people come to Canada and have a good experience.  There aren many ways for tourists to hate Canada, but a rising tax rate is certainly one of them, and Canadians are worried about the effect that the tax hike – even if its just in one province – is going to have on tourism.  Without question, Canada is on a downward slump that is negatively impacting everyone.  Those on the inside and outside of the borders are hoping that it ends soon so that Canada can return to the top of the world with pride.Author: Kay – Canada 

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