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Terapia cu caini!

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Have you heard of dog therapy?  There are many ways in which it can be used to help people in all aspects of life, and some of them are starting to overlap and become more mainstream as a result.  The “science” behind dog therapy is pretty clear and hard to resist.  Its been commonly known that for those people who consider themselves animal people – or, those who don hate animals, that is – spending time with them can be really beneficial.  It allows them to find some peace for themselves, and knowing that they
e helping animals get better lives always helps cheer a person up.  So, how is it being used today?Children, the elderly, and teenagers are all being used as subjects for dog therapy.  It isn a practice that is done in many schools or homes, but it starting to gain enough popularity that it might in the not-too-distant future.  In terms of young children, therapy dogs are becoming prominent in situations such as doctors offices or lawyers offices.  The dog is brought in to make the child more comfortable and to help give the child something to focus on during a medical exam, or a difficult conversation that makes them panicked or terrified.As far as the elderly are concerned, therapy dogs come into homes and hospitals to give them a companion and something to focus their attention on during their time alone.  Its understood that family and friends can be there at all times, so therapy dogs come in and offer some love and companionship for each resident of the home.  Sometimes it gives them energy, too, as it is someone for them to take care of and enjoy.  It has been very beneficial.Teens are partaking in the enjoyment of therapy dogs, too, especially those with hectic school schedules that are looking for some relief from their lives.  In times of frustration and end of semester related anxiety, having half an hour with a dog can really help them get perspective and some peace from academia.  Therefore, many universities and high schools are trying to create a therapy dog program that will enable students to find a little piece of relaxation with a furry friend every time they need it.  This includes every day of the year that a therapy dog would be on the premises so that they can benefit from it.While some feel as though therapy dogs are a waste of time, others feel that they are giving students an easy way to find some relief from hectic schedules, children a way to stay calm during scary situations, and elderly a way to care about someone in their final months.  Unconventional but effective, its changing the way that experts look at human behaviour.  Who knew that some problems could be solved (or improved) by something as simple as bringing in a dog for a few hours a week?  Its a great fix to several problems, and gives great motivation for animal shelters, too.Author: Kay – Canada

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