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UK/ Sondajele arata ca britanicii vor sa plece din UE!

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The last couple of weeks have seen the support for Brexit grow in Britain. Two opinion polls on Guardian show that the Leave campaign enjoys 52 percent support while the Remain side enjoys 48 percent.This is a big change from last month’s polls which showed that 55 percent wanted the UK to stay in EU while only 37 wanted to break free. This shows that the tide has turned in Britain and the Leave campaign is winning.This has been confirmed by another opinion poll that suggested that the support for staying in the EU was down to 43 percent and the support for leaving EU was 41 percent. The results of this poll, although in favour of the remain side, show that there has been a huge swing on the leave side and the momentum in clearly in favour of Brexit. Pollsters from Opinium, the company that carried out the opinion polls said, "These results mask a larger swing to Leave due to this being the first poll to incorporate weighting based on social attitudes. In previous surveys we have found that the answers to a number of questions on issues such as efforts to reduce discrimination against ethnic minorities or whether respondents felt more English or British produced results that were significantly more socially conservative than comparative polls or academic studies. Without these changes, our results would have shown a slight lead for Leave instead of for Remain." The pollsters added: "In our last poll, 47% leaned towards Remaining while 32% leaned the other way. In this latest poll, undecideds are nearly evenly split with 36% leaning towards staying in the EU and 33% towards Leave." Boris Johnson, who is leading the campaign to leave the EU has emerged as even more popular than Prime Minister David Cameron. He said, “If we vote Leave we will be able to forge bold new trade deals with growing economies around the world. These are deals that the EU has tried and failed to achieve due to protectionist forces in Europe. After we liberate ourselves from the shackles of Brussels we will be able to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs right across the UK.”Justice Minister Michael Gove, the other leader of the Leave campaign, said, “This is a genuine people’s movement. You can tell this is a Vote Leave not a Remain rally … instead of a set of employees who have been ordered there by the boss sitting meekly and mutely listening to propaganda, we have people who have given up their own time and their own money to be here because they believe in something.”Meanwhile, more than 140 European celebrities have called upon British voters to vote to remain in the EU on June 23, the day of the referendum in a letter published in The Times last week.The signatories to the letter included Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, Italian actress Isabella Rossellini, Dutch film director Paul Verhoeven, and others and is titled, “Britain, please stay.”The letter states, “It is your decision, and we will all accept it. Nevertheless, if it will help the undecided to make up their minds, we would like to express how very much we value having the United Kingdom in the European Union. It is not just treaties that join us to your country, but bonds of admiration and affection. All of us hope that you will vote to renew them.”Author: Raghav Hegde – India

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