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USA/ Influenta lui Arnold Schwarzenegger asupra societatii noastre

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His influence on the sport and our societyIf you think Schwarzenegger simply set new standards in bodybuilding but did nothing else but that, you are clearly wrong. Even though Schwarzenegger is still one of the (if not the most) aesthetic bodybuilder in history, he’s even more famous for his positive attitude, and his typically Austrian humor and charm. While others starred on their own appearance in the mirror angrily while training, he was smiling during every repetition, he claims. His friends and gym-partner described him as extrovert, very positive and always good for a joke or just a good laugh.Without Arnold Schwarzenegger, bodybuilding nowadays wouldn’t be as popular as it is today for sure. He was the first one, who stepped out of the isolated scene, known for steroids and unnatural appearances and made a positive impression. His statements about encouraging people to sports and how healthy strength training is, inspired many people to actually go out and start working out in the gym or any other sport. His colleagues, who were calm people, rather said nothing and trained hard for the next competition, he gave interviews, made jokes and slowly won the sympathy of millions of young Americans.His success as a bodybuilder surely also helped him to get into the film industry too, where he succeeded too. His roles as the muscular protector of women, the half-tech Terminator and many more entertained half of the world and surely brought Schwarzenegger a fortune. After his career, he even tried to be the governor of California, which worked out too. Thanks to Schwarzenegger’s tries, there are now no cheap free plastic-bags available now, who polluted the environment and killed many animals and decreased the living quality of US-citizens. Author: Lukas – Austria

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