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USA/ Masina ce se conduce singura de la Google!

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There have been numerous inventions in 21st century that have proven to be extremely useful for the people. Google’s Driverless is an example of the useful inventions that Google has been providing to the world. This is the time when the world is going to evolve into a new technological world where no one is going to be bound just because he doesn’t have the ability or the skills to drive. Google has been leading the way in technology and astonishing the world with its useful and beautiful inventions.Cars have become one important part of our life. It is no more a luxury now because this luxury is converted into a necessity now. But those who don’t have a car are bound to use taxis or buses to make sure they reach their desired location. But since the introduction of Google’s driverless cars the problems like finding a taxi and bargaining with the driver for costs etc. have been vanished. The introduction of driverless cars will bring in a whole new era of development and soon these cars will be available for personal use too. So you won’t have to wait for a driver or hire one if you do know how to drive.It looks wonderful to visualise a car which is self-driven and you get to your desired destination easily and safely. Moreover you don’t even have to worry about their ability to drive.  This car has provided a sigh of relief for the people who are visually impaired or they are aged that they are unable to drive anymore. These people are quite sensitive about their independence, thus Google’s driverless car has provided them the liberty to remain independent even if they can’t afford to drive themselves. Road accidents has become a big issue in this modern era. A large amount of deaths per year are caused by road accidents. But with these driverless cars the issue of road accidents will be minimised too. Google’s Driverless Car is safe and it has been built with help of high quality sensors that will make sure that the chance of road accident is reduced to 0%.Google’s Driverless car has latest sensors that can take you around the city. It can also ensure that it takes the shortest route to drop you at your desired location. The sensors used in the car have the ability to detect an object that is as far as two football fields in all directions. Even the car sensors have been designed in such a way that it resects the pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles on the road. If you get a chance to experience this little technological beauty from google then you will witness that the sensors will have the ability to even detect the plastic shopping bags or rouge birds around. The software of the car is designed with such expertise that it can process all the information in such a way that it will allow the car to navigate easily through the roads without getting distracted or tired after driving for long hours. Author: Muniba Mazar – Pakistan

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