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USA/ Stilul de viata Amish

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Amish- a word we have heard so many times in our life. A word that we use in almost every day. But many of us don’t know the history behind it. In fact, if we delve a bit deeper we will find out that the Amish way of living is actually quite nice! And for me, I have to say that the Amish and their lifestyle had intrigued me and I always wanted to see first-hand what the life of these simple people is like.The Lancaster County of Pennsylvania is home to some 30,000 Amish people; its a major tourist destination for those who want to experience the Amish way of living. The Amish are a group of Anabaptist Christians, who believe in the baptism of adults, not infants. They are a people who believe in simple living, wearing plain clothing, and rejecting many of the conveniences of modern technology. It may be hard to believe but English is actually the Amishs second language! Their first language is German, which is also known as Pennsylvania German. Here are some facts about the way the Amish lives their lives.As weird as it sounds in this era, they do not use electricity at home or in their farm. While they do not think electricity is evil, they believe that electricity will bring into Amish homes the conveniences of modern world and distract people. Family is the most important part in the life of an Amish person and they believe the modern-day conveniences will distract a persons attention from his or her familyInstead of electricity, they use alternative sources like batteries, solar panels, windmills, gas, kerosene and compressed air to power their appliances. The Amish use gas stoves for cooking, while some homes still use the old wood cook stoves. They do not own automobiles, and use community phones only for emergencies and business purposes. All of this may sound completely unbelievable but this is how the Amish live even in the 21st century!The Amish, who believe in the universal values of modesty and humility, wear hand-made plain clothing. Amish clothing is made from solid-coloured fabric with no patterns or prints at all. Only black, white and muted colours are allowed.Amish women wear simple cape dress and apron — the dress does not have buttons and is kept in place using straight pins. One is definitely going to have a peaceful time in the Lancaster County. Hills and green vegetation, country roads, buggies and people in plain clothing will carry you over to a new world, a world that makes you feel that a simple life can sometimes be so much better than the action-packed, technology-dependent life that we lead.And there amazing lifestyle sums up in only one quote from a friend of who said, “From my experience of living alongside the Amish I can say that they are actually much happier than people like us, who live with all the conveniences of modern world." Author: Ishan Hasnat – Bangladesh

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