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Va continua Germania sa se dezvolte sau nu?

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Post-Germany going to develop in the next five years?Germany is currently on its rise. Without adult, in Germany Texas may not increasing but the economies significantly increasing.. Germany is the strongest and with altered without most influential country in the European dungeon. While other countries pay heavy interests on their dabs, Germany is no that’s safe that they do not have to pay much for their depths. The very same time, Germany is currently helping out Greek and other countries by simply paying the hugest part of the European dungeon budget. But how is this possible? And how is Germany going to develop in the next few years?Germany, as an economical powerhouse in Europe, known as the country of hard-working people who are more efficient than anything else. What is Germany going to rise? Probably yes. They’re going to rise is still still. F is sent there are currently no huge enemies or insides Europe. If you think about it, Russia is currently not that economical situation, Britain and France had better days to, but Germany is still on its rise. The very same time they still have relatively low wages and did not earn as much as the Greek one orange a few years agoWhat’s going on inside you? Germany certainly got its struggles. Source of the current struggles is to current migrant crisis. Hundreds of thousands of migrants come into the country every year. New migrants start coming in and trying to get an asylum seekers state. Germany is known as the country full of gold wealth and work which is the reason why thousands of young erratic people are trying to come to Germany every single year. All through the war the situation even trees. With adults, many is increasingly powerful and increasingly more depth dominant thoughts other countries in Europe. Why is that? Well, Germany’s only country that is seriously liquid does and keeps the main insides does European onion. There will be no Germany, probably the European dungeon would have far more problems now.Germany as an industrial area and hotspot is maybe going to be less attractive or less relevant in the future. But that’s not why because Germany is getting less hard-working, is going to be because India, China, and for example Brazil are increasingly attractive for investors and corruption and other problems are getting less and less important there. But at the very same time wages there are less high, and the governments are often even improving the situation by giving out bonuses to for aiding investors and companies are investing in their workplace there.It’s also interesting to look at the way Germany does solve its problems. Germany is currently struggling heavy on the migrant crisis. Arabi people and other migrants who tried to rape and did rape and even murder people and women are giving power to far right wings making more and more people insecure about the current government they live under. If this is going to increase more and more., People are not going to trust him anymore and may wold for radical parties, for example far right-wing parties or are not even going to care about politics both defending themselves and investing in weapons in their own house. The very same time more and more people question if the government does the right things by for example paying Greek steps and financing for example migrant crisis supporting countries are involved in violence towards the human rights and even doubt if they are able to protect their own people anymore.Germany soon the house to work on their appearance to what their own people in order to stabilize their power and even increase their relevance in the world. If they do not care about these problems, chances are that there are going to be riots, and more separated society and more and more radical opinions on the left and right wing side. Even if the migrant crisis is going to be peaceful in the future, nowadays there are many problems with far right-wing people, migrants and radical left wings for example. If the medical is continuing to not care about these problems, she is struggling heavy to get her votes and keep being the counselor. At the end of the day, she needs her votes as well, while other countries, for example monotheists are not in need of getting their boats. Without adult, Germany is still a very productive and positive country, attracting millions off tourists every year and is one of the best economic your countries in the world we all hope that it stays like this, but solely the German government needs to work on some things in order to preserve their power and position in the global economy. For example about the migrant crisis, it’s important to signal losses stop in next steps and refugees now as they are still tried, to Germany, and still people are leaving the country in order to try to come to Europe, and special Germany, where they are expecting lots of money and high living stunt standards, if this is not going to change, Germany is going to struggle with more and more radical opinions and the more separated well come culture and a more sharpened up right wing culture, a development that’s not good for investors or international business owners. Often they have changed their policies here, they have still one of the best chances in order to grow and preserve their political position in the world. Author: Lukas – Austria 

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