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Viata unei sclave sexuale

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 Karla was lured into running away from her home at the tender age of ten. It was a good looking guy who appeared to be kind to her. Flashy and nice – someone who gave her gifts and told her things that she wanted to hear. Deprived of love and affection, when asked Karla didn’t hesitate for a second to run away with this person.It felt like a dream but the dream only lasted for a few days. Karla says her boyfriend would leave her by herself for a week in their apartment. His cousins would show up with new girls every week. When she finally mustered the courage to ask what business they were in, he told her the truth. "They
e pimps," he said."A few days later he started telling me everything I had to do; the positions, how much I need to charge, the things I had to do with the client and for how long, how I was to treat them and how I had to talk to them so that they would give me more money," Karla says.14 hours a day – 7 days a week – 30 days a month – 365 days a year – 04 years; no vacation, no downtime, no benefits, no relaxation – client after client, this was her life. Some days the clients could be as many as 30, on other days, they will be between 15 to 25 – all looking for just one thing, and one thing alone. The violence, suffering, and pain continued to remain other than the rape. Everybody knew yet no one actually cared. One day, when she was working at a hotel known for prostitution, police showed up. They kicked out of all of the customers, Karla says, and shut down the hotel. She thought it was her lucky day — a police operation to rescue her and the other girls.Her relief turned quickly to horror when the officers, about 30 she says, took the girls to several rooms and started shooting video of them in compromising positions. The girls were told the videos would be sent to their families if they didn do everything they asked.Karla Jacinto was finally rescued in 2008 during an anti-trafficking operation in Mexico City.Her ordeal lasted four very long and tormenting years. She was still a minor, only 16, when it ended — but she has endured a lifetime of horror that will stay with her as long as she lives.Although her life has changed, the real battle remains. How many more Karla’s will we lose till we realize that this isn’t the way that we should build our world?Note: this story featured on CNN and the fabric of the story has been kept to ensure authenticity. Author: Zak Hades – Serbia

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