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Videoclipuri 360 pe Youtube!

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Now Enjoy 360° Live Stream Video on YouTubeThe users will now be able to enjoy 360° live streaming video the biggest video site on the web.Also, there will be a spatial audio support for 360° video, however Google is solely making the feature available for on demand 360° video and not live. In case you
e unfamiliar, that just audio will feel as if it has a natural source, whether it may be in front, behind you or to the side.The company is introducing this technology at Coachella, where some of the concerts will be streamed using the 360° feature.Also there is a live API for developers who wish to work 360° live stream in their personal service or application. Google is restricting the live API for hardware companies who make 360° camera and says its been working along with VideoStitch, Vahana, Orah 4i, etc. for their launch.One important distinction is 360° live stream aren VR, even though much of the underlying technology the company has baked in is identical similar to spatial audio.Author: Kapil

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