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Ziua Speciala a Canadei!

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Canada Day WeekendWhile the 4th of July always tends to take over in terms of publicity, July 1st is a big day for Canadians due to the fact that it is a day where the world watches on as Canadians show their pride.  There are all sorts of ways in which people all over the country – and world – celebrate.  Here are some of the favourites.Canadian movie festivalThere are all sorts of movies out there that are Canadian made and produced, and Canada day is a way for them to come to the forefront.  This is a popular way for Canadians to come together and enjoy some honest experiences with movies.  It also allows for Canadians to introduce other countries to the offerings they have in the film industry.  From cartoons to blockbusters, there are all sorts of great Canadian movies out there that will impress everyone who wants something to watch.Canadian music festivalCanadian music has its own taste and flavour that is sure to get your feet tapping and your fingers snapping in time.  This is because Canadian music has a personality that is sure to really motivate you to find out more about the roots that it comes from.  From one end of the country to the other, you will find all sorts of unique music touches that will energize everyone, Canadian-born or not.  Music is always inspirational and Canadian music is no different.Canadian recipe potluckCanada is home to all sorts of great food tastes that will really excite everyone who comes looking.  A great option for Canadians everywhere as well as those afar is a potluck that is made entirely from Canadian recipes.  There are all sorts of great flavours that Canadians are known for loving, including the luscious and tasty poutine.  Even better is maple syrup and how to incorporate it into everything that you can.  Canadian flavour may seem strange and awkward to everyone who is looking for something to taste great, but it is something unique and fun for all Canadians looking to have a great time.Canadian culture is invigorating, exciting and innovative.  It is something that makes everyone proud to be Canadians, and this is why we take such joy in celebrating the special day that only comes to us once a year.  It is an exciting weekend, too, as the celebration spoils over for several days and Canadians come together make sure that the whole world knows about it.  While Canadians are still not too loud about their celebrations, it is exciting to see that many people are speaking out about their pride and encouraging Canadians all over the world to do the same thing.Canadian pride is part of why Canada is such a good place.  You can be loud about your pride and still make sure that you include everyone in our joy in a different way so that there is no room for anyone to miss out.Author: Kay – Canada

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