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Zlatan se duce la Manchester United!

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Zlatan Ibrahimovich: “the legend” moves to Manchester UnitedSTOCKHOLM: There are not many renowned names in Swedish football that are known over the world but there is one face that is almost synonymous to Swedish football. Zlatan Ibrahimovich – the self-proclaimed legend. A few months ago the man made an enviable exit from his former club in France. Rumors were rife that he would follow Jose Maurinho to the Manchester United but everyone involved in the decision making process was extremely quiet about it.When asked about his next move – Zlatan brushed aside the reporter by saying that when the time will come, he will announce his next destination himself. True to his word, he did announce it on his terms. His instagram post with the badge of Manchester United came twenty four hours ahead of the official statement from his new club. Such is the player, such is the aura that he did not even wait for his club to make his statement official.Ever since being a teenager, Zlatan has found himself within the eye of the media. Coming from a broken family, Zlatan had managed to figure out life at a very young age. His father, a Bosnian with whom he lived never even had food in the fridge – a bear maybe, but food almost never. Zlatan’s early achievements didn’t include just leaving defenders in his wake – they also included him learning to make food for himself so that he can eat.The Manchester United story has another angle as well – now he will be re-united with his favorite manager in Jose Maurinho. The Manchester based club has remained in a phase of transition ever since Sir. Alex Ferguson left the managerial space. The managers that have followed him have never been able to fill his great shoes – not only that; they’ve hardly ever impressed the legion of fans that the club possesses almost all over the globe. Now with accruing the services of one of the greatest managers of the era in Jose and getting the mercurial Zlatan in the team – the club is again trying to rebuild and reach the former glory days.The famous internet joke now needs a little modificationPortugal has Ronaldo, Argentina had Messi, Brazil has Neymar, Zlatan has Sweden and now Manchester.Author: Zak Hades – Serbia  

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