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Actori pakistanezi implicati in accident grav!

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As of December 18th, 5am Pakistani actress Ayesha Omar and actor Azfar Rehman were involved in a serious road accident on the Super Highway from Karachi to Hyderabad.

Azfar Rehman made his way into the notorious and infamous entertainment industry of Pakistan by doing advertisements for minor brands. With the success of his campaigns, he was acquired by bigger media agencies and then made his way into Pakistani TV sitcoms and movies. He is known for his good looks and his various prominent roles in Pakistani TV sitcoms on many prominent channels like HUM TV, Geo TV and much more. Adored by many, he currently has a successful career which only seems to be going upwards.

Ayesha Omar entered the entertainment industry through modeling projects and product endorsement deals. It was not too long when she made her way into the world of TV sitcoms and movies. While portraying many serious roles previously, what really led Omar to fame was her diva/it-girl character in the hit Pakistani comedy sitcom known as Bulbulay where she worked with renowned named like Hina Dilparezi. The show is watched worldwide and has an array of fans ranging from children to adults.

Omar has recently had a controversial reputation after doing an item song for her recent movie “Karachi se Lahore”. As the song was not too inappropriate for Pakistani audiences, especially those with firm religious views, the movie is still deemed a success; many claim otherwise.

On 5:00am, Friday Morning, Omar was travelling from Karachi to Hyderabad via the Super Highway alongside colleague Azfar Rehman. The two were reportedly being transferred to Hyderabad to attend a launch party when they faced a serious accident that left them both seriously injured along with the accompanying crew. While details on the crew are still not apparent, it is stated that Omar has faced multiple fractures and an entire bruised arm while Rehman has faced a fractured collar bone.

Both of them are conscious and out of danger but still remain hospitalized and seriously injured. Since then, the picture of the collided vehicle has been going viral on social media. Reports are still unclear on as to what happened to passengers in the other car that collided with Omar and Rehman’s car. More on that as we find out.

Since the accident, many celebrities have tweeted out their get-well-soon messages to the injured stars. Renowned Pakistani actor Faisal Qureshi also tweeted out words of support and shared pictures of the collided vehicles. “Out of danger but badly injured,” stated Qureshi while asking readers to pray for Omar and Rehman.

After the accident, many claimed that Omar was drunk driving but later it was cleared that Omar and Rehman were in the vehicle together, being escorted by a chauffeur and rumors were denied.

We will keep you updated on the matter when more news comes to surface. The teams of both the celebrities are refraining from sharing any details until they recover and get discharged from the hospital.

Author: Adam Fiaz – USA

source photo : themeshnews


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