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Adultery is considered a crime in Pakistan?

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Is still adultery (Hadood Ord) a crime in Pakistan?

As this Hadood Ord was established by General Zia Haq in 1979, the most debated of these are the two laws relating to sexual crimes, i.e. the Zina and Qazf Ordinances.

These laws created six separate types of sexual crimes and gave punishments for each

(1) Zina liable to hadd;

(2) Zina liable to tazir;

(3) Zina -bil-jabr liable to hadd;

(4) Zina -bil-jabr liable to tazir;

(5) qazf liable to hadd; and

(6) qazf liable to tazir.

Adultery means extramarital sex that is not accepted in our religion, society, and in law. Adultery in other words is a disloyalty with your partner and betraying him/her.

If any men or women do this type of act then they will be punished according to the hadd of islam and Islamic law.

This was implemented as a result of rape and adultery in Pakistan. The main difference between had and tazir was that hadd offences requires higher standard proof that the tazir and the punishments are given according to it.

After reading this a question arises in the mind of the reader that,

Is this law still implemented in Pakistan?

Is adultery still a crime in Pakistan?

Answering the above question Pakistan is an Islamic country and according to our religion Zina and adultery is still a crime and whoever perform this type of act he will be given severe punishment according to Islam. In Islam the punishment of Zina is sansaar in which a person is beaten by the stones till death, this punishment is given so that the others can lesson from it and avoid this type of behavior.

As this law helped many women, they can report about the harassment and can get justice against that crime, after this law women got position in the society and the killing, degradation and humiliation of the women was decreased.

According to this law many people or women’s working in the house got safety as they can report about the harassment done by the owner of the house and can get justice as well as money from them.

If you see the cases reported in Pakistan you will come to know that adultery is still a crime in Pakistan and if you do a survey in other countries you will come to know that other countries also dislike this type of acts and establish different laws to give respect to the women living in their country.


After reading the above article I want to ask a question from the readers that

Do you think adultery should be legal in our society?

Is this law (Hadood Ord) is better for the humanity?

If your answer is yes then you can get benefit from this article and can understand that why hadood ord was established and how is it working.

Author: Muniba Mazar – Pakistan

sourcefoto: bbc


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