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Advantages jogging at night!

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Advantages of night jogging

As jogging is simple ,flexible and does not need special equipments like we need to exercise. And jogging is good for our knees, ankle and hips as compare to running. As jogging helps us to reduce weight and burn more calories as compared to exercise. Night Jogging will reduce more weight and burn more calories than jogging in the day. If you wait until nighttime to jog, you can make sure getting some fuel into your body and starting your workout much less rigid and creaky than you do when jogging first thing in the morning.

Research related to Night Jogging conducted by an experienced scientist in 2006 at South Carolina University, a research was conducted on different people to confirm or study the benefit of jogging at night and the result concluded that the sleeping improves if we jog before going to bed and have a healthy life and fresh morning. Everything has advantages as well as disadvantages, so precautionary measures should be taken before you start anything or jog in rural, urban, or sub-urban areas.  And should also consult your doctor or physician before starting your jogging at night.

Night Jogging is not suitable for those who have a busy office routine or for working women, but it is also good for athletes to perform well. Athletes are jogging so to improve their health as well as to remain healthy and to have a good sleeping pattern. So if we need to have a good sleeping pattern we should start jogging at night.

Due to our body high temperature and release of energy-metabolizing hormone some joggers prefer night jogging, as said by the Ph.D professor of exercise science Shawn D. YoungStedt. As night jogging is healthy because we get plenty of fresh air and less traffic and crowd.

If you are habitual of doing jogging in day give your body time to adjust to jog at night. Because jogging at night is different from jogging in the day because the familiar places seem to look change so we should prepare our body as well as our self for this change routine buy a headland or flash to illuminate your way so to prevent yourself from harmful animals. In “Runner’s World” Mona Merrill the adventure racer told that “A person’s sense of balance is different after dark”.

Safety measures should be taken especially at night. Jogging with athlete group, family or with friends reduces the risk factor. It is good to select the area which is well-lit or predictable route. Also wear reflective gear so the outcoming driver can see you. As you may enjoy the soundtrack, but do not use headphones so to avoid from risk factor or you can listen to potential danger.

As temperature plays a crucial role in your jogging or exercise. So in warm days it is good to have jogging at night because at night the temperature is low and the streets are empty and you could peacefully do jogging.

Author: Muniba Mazar – Pakistan

sourcephoto: trainbodyandmind


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