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In America it’s okay to be fat!

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Believe it or not, it’s considered “okay” to be fat these days in America. A number of obese or overweight Americans say that they no longer have the motivation to exercise or go on a diet.

According to a study by the Journal of the American Medical Association, just 49 percent of overweight Americans said that they were trying to lose weight. Back in 1990, when the same question was asked, over 56 percent said that they were keen to lose weight.

A lot has changed since then apparently. Remember, two-third of the US population is either overweight or obese. This means millions of Americans say that they are no longer interested in dieting and are happy with being fat.

The trend is particularly common with Black women. There is a very high level of obesity seen with Black women in America, because of their aversion to exercise and propensity to have junk food. Women in general, more than men, have given up on dieting and exercise.

Why are so many people okay with being fat? There are many reasons for this. One, there is a growing societal acceptance of fat people. The media and the fashion industry, which was viciously against anyone who was fat and saw nothing wrong in insulting or mocking overweight people has changed.

They are now okay with accepting plus size people. Bigger body sizes are fine. There is nothing wrong with that, the media says. There is no longer much pressure on people to shed weight. Nobody wants to work hard to lose weight anymore, and why not?

There are after all so many fat people everywhere around you. So being fat does not make you exceptional in America, it makes you just one amongst many.

There is a belief today that fat people should feel comfortable with themselves and focus on getting strong and healthier rather than losing weight. It’s all about feeling good about the body you already have rather than obsessing over something that you cannot ever obtain.

Women are no longer all that keen on attaining “size zero”. Many overweight women say that they have given up on losing weight and now want to be comfortable with their body.

The authors of the study by the Journal of the American Medical Association say that the longer people stay obese, the more likely it is that they are going to accept the condition.

Obesity is not just something that affects your looks or your attractiveness to the opposite sex. It makes you vulnerable to a number of diseases, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and stroke, to name just a few. Obese people have a lower life expectancy than those who are fit.

However, the fact is it is not possible to shame anyone to get fit anymore. The decision has to come from within. Body shaming and fat shaming is no longer considered okay or even appropriate. Health professionals have to find a new way to convince those who are overweight to start dieting and exercising.

Author: Raghav Hegde – India

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