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Americanii, ingrijorati de criza imigrantilor din UE

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The recent refugee crisis in Europe has horrified officials in the United States, with many calling for prompt action to be taken. Senator Sherrod Brown said the crisis was “heart-wrenching” that “it’s critical that we help the thousands of people who have fled violence and instability at home in search of a better life.”“The U.S. should be focused on assisting our allies and friends in the Middle East who are inundated with refugees,” Brown said. “I am heartened that the State Department has announced that our nation will accept more Syrian refugees — enabling us to assist those fleeing the ravages of war and religious persecution,” he added.Rep. Tim Ryan, said, “We can no longer look away” and called for “basic humanity calls upon every nation — European or not — to contribute to helping these refugees escape the dangers in which they find themselves. I would hope and expect the Republican-controlled Congress will take up this issue as soon as possible.”White House press secretary Josh Earnest talked about what the United States had done to resolve the crisis. He said that his government had “provided more than $4 billion in humanitarian assistance to those affected by the conflict in Syria since 2011. There’s also some technical expertise that the United States can provide to our EU partners who are dealing with this difficult problem.”“And the United States Coast Guard has some expertise in this regard and that is something that is being readily shared with our allies and partners in the EU,” Mr. Ernest added.Mr. Earnest explained that there “is a bias among many observers that assume that more robust or muscular engagement, as you described it, would have had the result of preventing this humanitarian atrocity. And there’s not really much evidence to substantiate that claim.”He acknowledged that a stronger U.S. response “might have hastened” Assad’s removal but “it also would have subjected the United States to a whole host of more significant risks, including more significant outlays of funds to fund essentially a war in Syria.”“It certainly would have put tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of American troops in harm’s way on the ground in Syria. So the President has made policy decisions in this area that are admittedly very difficult, but his primary focus has been on the best national security interests of the United States,” Mr. Ernest concluded.House Speaker John Boehner blamed the Obama administration for not doing enough to prevent the crisis and not talking action against ISIS. His spokesperson Olivia Hnat said, “As Speaker Boehner has repeatedly said, the president has failed to put forward a broad, overarching strategy to defeat ISIL and promote stability in the Middle East. This tragedy is just one of the consequences.”Author: Raghav Hegde – India

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