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Application change Pakistan Fix It!

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While Pakistani’s celebrate the launch of Netflix in Pakistan, a very important app is being overshadowed. The Fix it initiative was started by Pakistani political activist Alamgir Khan who is a very active activist for Imran Khan’s PTI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf. The city lights, Karachi is now full of man-holes, roads that need fixing and tons of garbage lining the streets. Why? Solely due to the mismanagement of Sindh government and the fact that the government has been utterly ignored management of the city. Karachi is situated in the Sindh province of Pakistan and thus managed by the Sindh government.

The Fix it initiative, which wasn’t an app when it started, but turned into an app that everyone can use from their Smartphone to take a picture of any mismanagement in the city and report it to the government, making government more transparent and giving the public better access to solutions for their problems.

Alamgir Khan was a man with a stencil, a can of spray paint and a vision, who has now received more than 50,000 likes on Facebook in just a few days after his Fix it campaign went viral on social media and was widely telecasted on all of Pakistan’s prominent news channels.

What the man did was very simple yet clever. He organized a team of people who went to the Main University Road in Karachi and fixed more than 42 manholes at a cost of 13,00prk, all with the help of volunteers that he gathered via his Facebook page. Then they sprayed the word ‘Fixed’ next to the fixed holes and thus the Fix it campaign came into being.

After the incident was showcased on social media, people were encouraged to spray painted CM Sindh’s face next to all the potholes in Karachi and label them with ‘Fix It’. Not only did they do this to potholes but also heaps of garbage and damaged roads. Knowing the nature of political figures in Pakistan who are always worried about their image, Alamgir Khan knew that notice will be taken. The chief minister took notice and instead of taking action and the problems being taken into consideration, Alamgir and his family and the fellow volunteers were being harassed to keep silent on the matter.

Since the campaign has gotten not only national but international recognition too and now the Fix it app is available for smart phone users to download.

It is fairly simple to use the app. If people spot any manholes or mismanaged places in the city that need attention from the government, they can simply take a picture and report it to the provincial government. While the Sindh provincial government has failed to do anything in the past, this app makes the government more approachable and more easily accessible by the public. This raises hope that action will actually be taken by the government when mismanagement is reported and due to this campaign, one can hope that the CM will take steps against and eradicate any corrupt administration.

Author: Adam Fiaz – USA

source photo: samaatv


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