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Austria has plenty of refugees or not?

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Migration in Austria – already too much or just right?

Austria got a long history in terms of migration. The country ruled over Hungary in the Austrian-Hungary monarchy and made it possible for lots of people in southern and eastern Europe to migrate from their home countries to the Austria we know nowadays. Many of them directly moved to the capital of the old monarchy empire – Vienna. Therfore, migration is nothing new and it’s certainly not an invention of the 21. Century in Austria. But the amount of refugees currently trying to immigrate in Austria and Germany is enormous – hundrets of thousands refugees tried to get the permission to permanently stay in Germany. Due to the geographical position of Austria, the huge majority to nearly all refugees that want to stay in Germany, have to pass Austria. But how about the situation of refugees, that want to stay in Austria permanently? How are refugees changing Austria?

Reputation of refugees in the Austrian society

Our society looks at the current migration situation increasingly critical to skeptical. That’s mainly due to the high amount of refugees coming into our country, the caotic way of dealing with the masses and the failing organisation of the government. But what’s even more bothering to the majority of the people is, that a number of refugees broke the law and even harmed and raped women.

In the silvester night in Germany, immigrants from north africa and the arabic region were mainly involved into sexual harrassement and even rape of mostly young German women. Similiar happenings occured on other days, even with children involved. Police and governmental institutions failed at securing women from these dangers, which increased an anti-immigrant mood waging up in Germany.

In my opinion, people are far too focussed on two ideologies: The „refugees welcome“-culture and the „no immigrants for Germany“-ideologie. The problem is, that there are less people seriously politically engaging, which leaves too much space for political dreaming. It’s impossible to accept and integrate everybody who would like to live in Germany and Austria. At the very same moment, it’s impossible to deport all refugees, as it would be ethically a problem as well.

It’s already unclear who is actually a refugee out of political repression and war or if he’s rather coming to Austria because of a better economical situation. There are no official, represantative statistics about where all the refugees come from and out of what reasons they decided to emmigrated.

Fact is, what Austria needs is a clear difference between „economical refugees“, who mostly come from Morrocco, Afghanistan, etc. who try to earn money and live a better live in middle europe and between people who really fled from a bloody war that threatened themselves and their families. Once the government is able to detect these two sorts of refugees, we can go on integrating these who really fled because of war and send back these, who came here out of economical reasons.

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